Training Wildlife with my K3LA's

Saw a set of deer on teh side of the Hutch River Parkway on my way home from work. I felt bad cause they were close to the road and I didn’t want them to get hit. So I gave em what they needed a little scare with my K3’s they ran off and 4 out of 8 cars near me swerved and jiggled.

good job paul! wouldn’t like to have a deer dart out in front of me or see someone behind me hit one. look out for mother natures wonders!:smiley:

ive been wanting to get some cows but havent had the chance

i live in pa… and ssee tons of deer… you need to hook up a sel. valve to a switch and a air line… no horn so u can blow your tank out… that scares them more then my twin k5s

cows run fast when you shoot one with a paintball gun

VERSION, bet that cow runs like a sprinter after a good pasteing. :smiley:

I blasted some cows about 2 weeks ago they just looked and kept grazing. too busy munching I guess…:eek:

i get cows all the time…still wanting to find some fainting goats

well go find your goats and get it outta yer system

i was close… i was around an area that had them last nite…but couldnt find em…

I was also at a car show in Morgantown PA, and someone had a nice train horn setup, but they werent in the show…They just drove by and blasted their horns, then i blasted mine back, and we did that a few times…
But i dunno who that was…

half way to adding my s4’s 1 hundred more to go

Ever think it may be the “Blasting” and not the “Munching”
Sure some Nathan or Leslie would make them think twice about Jenny Craig.
Just Kidding… lol

Shadow Knls