trigger switch?

I just received my pressure switch and one of the wires says trigger switch. What is this switch? Is this the switch for the horn itself? Why would this be included in the pressure switch?

After reading a few posts, I’m not sure if I need this pressure switch. I have the VIAIR 444C compressor. The website says it has an inline check valve. Is the same as a pressure switch?

Edit - nevermind… still confused about the trigger switch though.

The “Trigger” is the wire that connects to a ignition switched 12v supply. basically the compressor will not run unless the ignition is on, eg: You pull up outside your house at night & there is a small leak on your system, if connected correctly the compressor will not kick in.:slight_smile:

An inline check valve means air will only pass one way though the pipe, like a one way valve,


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No prob’s, did you get it sorted?:smiley:

ive got the 444c as well yep its just a wire that controls the comp sort of liek what you have on you radio.

it can also be hooked up to a swich as well so if compressors are not needed u can also turn it on.

so it would go swiched 12v > to swich> pressure swich.

best places to get swiched 12v are from ciggerate lighter (provided when car is off its off) or from radio but note a radio will also have a permenet 12v as well so it can keep all your settings channels.