Just stumbled upon
Wondered if anyone had purchased from them yet…
I see their kit comes with 24 PTC 1/2-1/2 fittings
and… lemme see , 1, 2, no… 12 Tee-Fittings. … NICE!

According to IMDB Ryan Friedlinghaus is 6’1". That pump they’re selling is larger then his Femur! That thing must kick oven! The horns are very beefy too!

I bet that kit that is in the picture is not no $199! And if it is… you will be lucky to get a year out of those horns before diaphragms start cracking , chrome starts peeling , and compressor starts smoking! They sorta remind me on siege engineering… Look how long they lasted! I fell victim to sieges strategic 3 kit… only good thing that came out of it is the viair 380c… 3 horn setup… there even chromed… only $411! WOW…

Or you could buy a used REAL TRAIN HORN FOR SAME PRICE OR LESS! Just pointing out the obvious here! Unfortunately what this company has going for it now is advertising on west coast customs… Matt you need to hook up with a big tv show like Rides / overhaulin… show them what real horns / kits / deals are!

Looks like garbage. Who was it that said real train horns aren’t chrome? If anyone buys these, i’d like to see a side-by-side with the Shockers. And by that I mean with a DB meter of some kind. The shockers are a no frills, all balls setup, on a budget. That’s been my take.

…and the new guys don’t even have that going for them!

cheap prices usually translate into cheap equipment except for Hornblasters

Yeah, if I don’t get it from HB then I don’t waste my time or money.

Speaking of which, I’ll be calling you guys from the sandbox here in the next couple weeks … I need to get a kit ready for my K5LL so I can put it on my tow rig.



PM me when you’re ready, I will have you all taken care of ;).

Be safe over there!

its funny thay say its a bad *** horn and has a good deal on $ but from what i
know if is a too good to be true
deal stay the hell
a way from it .
and buy from Horn

since Rampage Jackson has a horn from HornBlasters I personally think Ryan and Rampage should fight to see who has better quality products… well that idea is about as stupid as and their god awful horns and outrageous prices. haha

Oh really. I think for me it is fair to have that with the price of $199! It cost me $ 230 when I purchased mine. :smiley:

Very Random Post on a thread that hasn’t been touched in over a month…

Looks week! Hornblasters all the way baby!!!

exactly… i smell a triggerhorns rep reaching and grabbing for any possible business… :rolleyes:

and honestly a 30 dollar difference is nothing when your talking about something thats 200 or so dollars lol

That’s absolutely hilarious.

oooo lookie what i found.

besides that i do not know if i should just cry or bust out laughing my head off…

Get a bunch of the bull horns and make people think there’s a Stampede

They have to be joking! Those things sound horrible. The Habanero–Ha!!!