trouble shooting my horns?

hey guys, trying to figure out wtf is wrong with my horns, i ran through everything and it all seems to be up to working order. when i hit my horns, you can hear air come out of the horns but the horns dont make any noise, just the air leaking sound, i checked the diaphragms that i could and they dont look busted, im at a lost here, anyone have a idea?

what kind of horns, compressor tank airline andvalve do you have? … pictures help also cant tell ya much without knowing what you have

What kind of horns is it? It’s pretty much got to be the diaphragms. I’d take the back caps off and clean it out real good. Sounds like you’ve got some stuff inside keeping them from oscillating properly.

poop i thought i posted that sorry guys,

its the HornBlasters Shocker Kit, so what ever airline and valve that comes with that. a Viair 450 and a suicide doors 5 gallon chrome tank. i took it all apart and air is defiantly going to the horns, the valve what messed up and i had it clean it out, so like hondaguy said maybe there is something behind the diaphragm *never thought of that for some reason *

u could have a kink somewhere

and we have a winner! +1, working great now :smiley:


No problem man, glad to help.