troubleshoot prob??

ok guys need the thinking caps on for a possibility list (most likely)
my problem is simple honked my horns, turned off the truck for the night,next morning get leave for work,turn the pumps on( 2 380c viair’s each with its own relay,power to #1 relay which has piggy back terminals to #2 relay for #2 pump. only one pressure sw controls both pumps. also 2 5gal tanks piggybacked end to end.) any ways no pump start up.cycled several times no luck,drive twenty something miles try it again & they come on,fill the tanks, use the horn one more time.pressure now low enough for pump start-up but nothing tried several more cycles of the switch but still no luck. the c/b is not blown., maybe a bad pressure switch or a relay sticking.:confused:

bypass the pressure switch then check the relay with a multi meter to see if its closed or not

version thanks bro! was thinking the sw as most likely the culprit,as a relay hanging up would short the c/b and blow it. now if I jump the plug for the presure sw should it start the pumps or not?

not sure how your switch is wired i use a heavy duty square d industrial pressure switch that only has 2 wires and i had it inline on my power wire to the compressor

I have the normal 200psi screw in pressure switch that came with the tank. will give it a try. thanks bro!

sounds like a bad pressure switch… yea bypass the pressure switch to see if the compressors kick on if they do then replace ur pressure switch…

Yes sir bad pressure switch.