Trucker horns on a Sport bike

Yea exactly what i said i put a 18wheeler horn system on my motorcycle here are pictures… its a 1/2 gallon viair tank with a 150c light duty compressor 1/4’’ lines and dual horns 22’’ long

So im new to this forum thing …figured out how to post more pics

And the final ones

nice…fo sho

dude your not to far away from this town… im in victoria tx

That is Awesome.

now thats what im talkin about

can the bike’s electrical system handle it or what kind of battery are you using?

well the bike is 2 yrs old and im the only owner… it has 40k miles and the orginal battery was still in it… i decided to replace it with a oem… its a 12v 8ah battery… and everything seems to be working ok… so far… i have looking into higher amp hour batteries that put out 15-35ah for my bike but they r farely expensive. i beleive the battery model was svp or something like that. but as of right now the battery im useing is a yusa sealed battery maintence free.
bike batteries are diffrent then vehicles we dont have to have maintnence of adding distilled water… sorry bout my spelling.
my lights do dim a small bit but if im not paying real close attention to it u cant even notice it… and i have a relay and pressure switch hooked up to the system so it wont run unless my key is in the bike. nor honk if my key isnt in there.
the only thing im scared of is getting stopped one day cuase it looks like a nos bottle and telling the officer no its my horn hooooooooooonkkkk!.
idk lol but i did th math and i have a very small light duty compressor witch only runs for 45 sec to fill my tank up to 120psi. and the compressor is 9% duty time at 12ah… witch means in that 45 sec it only draws about 1500mah… thats milliamp… and my battery is 8ah so im fine.

Very cool! I think all bikes need big horns.

There they are! Thanks for posting those man. Job well done!

deam sick thats one of the best and clean set up i have ever seen and it is in a bike lol nice work!

Is anyone else wondering why Lance has not jumped in on this thread yet?

i was thinkin that

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