Trying to decide where to mount K5LA.

I had my system all planned out. I was going to mount the tank and the compressors in my toolbox and then mount the horn under the bed, where the spare tire is. Well, after receiving the horn, compressors, and tank, it appears that my 60" long x 25" wide x 19" tall Weatherguard toolbox would be large enough to also mount the horn in there. Since the box hangs on the rails and has a space underneath, I could cut a large hole in the bottom of the toolbox and mount the horn so that it faces down through the hole. This would keep it away from the elements and would allow me to keep my spare tire. Has anyone seen or done this and did it work well?

Havent heard of anyone doin that, but im sure it will work well…
If you do it, id like to see some pics

X2 on the pics. sounds interesting

I think that instead of mounting the horn facing down at the bed, I will cut the hole in the side of the box facing the the back of the truck and then face the horn out that hole. After I cut the hole in the box, I will need to weld in a perforated piece of steel that will allow the sound to come through, but keep people out of the box.

superduty, that’s an excellent idea, actually pointing down would be more stealth and you would also be able to clear the leafs outta the bed by blowing the horn !:eek::cool::smiley:

Thanks. Yeah, I think that pointing down inside the box may be the best. I wish I had 10" of space under the box…I would just mount it to the bottom of the box facing toward the rear of the truck.

Yes that would be a very unique setup. I think I talked to you on the phone the other day about this. I can’t find the pics but I’m pretty sure there is a guy on here with the horns facing the tailgate. If not it was an email I received a few months back.

It’s gonna be AWESOME on the superduty. VERY loud. Lets get you rolling man.

Well, it was a lot of work, but I got my horn installed and it came out awesome. I ended up putting the K5LA, the dual 480c’s, and my tank all inside my Weatherguard truck box. It took up more of the box, due to 4wheelparts selling me a 12 gallon tank but shipping me a 20 gallon tank. All in all, I am extremely pleased with the setup. Here are a few pics that I snapped at 4:30 this morning when I finished:

PS - I know my wires are a mess. I need to get some sleep right now, but tomorrow I will get all the wires arranged so that they don’t look so bad.

Interesting idea for the setup! I like the fact the horns are protected from the elements and road debris (vs. being mounted where the spare goes under the truck).

Although, being positioned just behind you, when you honk the horn, it’s probably VERY loud for YOU, no?

It’s loud…but I like it. I need to install some Dynamat inside the box to deaden the vibration from the compressors. Fortunately, Ford makes these trucks pretty darn soundproof.