Trying to wire up my train horns

Ok I have a 08 ram 2500 and I’m wanting to splice my train horns into my factory horns both of my factory horns have a separate power wire which one do i splice into or do I do both thanks trying to get this done tonight

You should wire into the horn button, if you just tap into your horn wires they will go off together with your train horns.

                                    ...................................../----------- stock horns

Horn button -> 2 way switch
…----------- train horns

This way your regular horn button will activate either the stock horns or the train horns depending on the switch.

Or you could mount a seperate horn button for the train horns, and keep the stock horn on the wheel.

Hi there and welcome. Check out this post by our esteemed colleague (ear2ear), it’s probably the clearest diagram on the site here but there are plenty more.

Run a search via the button at the menu up top and you will find heaps of relevant info on wiring every possibly combination, but feel free to ask if you have questions.

I have a 2008 RAM 1500. The horn wire on the steering wheel goes to ground. I brought that wire out to a hidden switch inside the top of the cup holder area. The switch is DPST (Dual Position, Single throw).

One position brings the connection back to the original horn wire to sound the stock horn. The other position goes to the ground side of a relay actuator. The other side of the actuator goes to a fused power source.

The other relay connections go to a fused power source and the Air Valve Solenoid. The other side of the solenoid goes to ground.

There are other relays in my system to cut power to the horns and Viair compressor, but the above basic wiring is how I did mine.

One other thing, the stock horns will still sound with the key fob for starting and locking the truck even with the switch in the train horn position.