Tsunami compressor (MV50, MF1050)

Hi All, This is a great forum! I know by reading the archives here I’ve saved myself from doing two or three “learning” installations.
I’ve also poked around some Jeep type forums as they are real interested in having onboard air systems also. I know that Viair is the preferred compressor here but has anyone seen a Tsunami MF1050, also known as a Superflow MV50?

They seem to be faily well accepted in jeep forms. Any comments or experiences?

Interesting set up there by Tsunami! But just as you stated ViAir tends to be the best bet for these type of applications. For example there versions



A little more expensive then the one shown but defiantly more Heavy Duty and they come with the nice bag too :smiley:

Granted, those are much nicer. But a MV50 is $53 at Sam’s…
Here’s a link to a indepth comparison between a MV50 and a Harbor Freight Viair knock off (and there’s no way I’m saying a HF unit is comparable to a Viair one…)

i think those are the compressor siege is using (M277C), they are cheaper, i dont know how reliable they are, they fill up fast but only to 120psi

hope that helps

I think you are right Brizzal! I know that Siege isn’t held in the highest regard here. I wonder how they claim to have a 200psi system with a pair of 120psi pumps? Well I don’t really wonder. The tank and swithched are rated at 200 psi but if you read carefully the pressure swith is a 120psi. Here are the pump specs:
M277C features:

Oil-less design
Built in pressure gauge
High performance PTFE piston ring
Gear-less direct drive motor
Whopping 50mm piston
Carry handle (no burning your hand moving a hot pump)
Aluminum alloy cylinder
On/off switch (no need to pull fuses to run off the pump)
Mounting plates with vibration dampening feet
Powder coated body.
The M277C is packed with features to make it easy to use!
Pre-wired Relay
Quick disconnect hose
Built in shut off switch
Self coiling hose you can trim to length during installation
Mistake-forgiving reuseable barb on the check valve
Pre-installed easy access fuse
Carry handle (hot pumps without handles are no fun)
The M277C’s specifications are 12vDC, 17amp max draw, 1/4 horsepower, max working pressure 120psi, max ambient temp:145 F, min. ambient Temp: -20 F, permanent magnetic motor, max. duty cycle @ 100 PSI: 100% (@70 F), dimension: 10" L x 5" W x 8" H, and net weight: 9 LBS.

thats why we deal with hornblasters.com they are up front and dont try to trick you into buying junk… you get the best quality the first time.

viair is scaredu recommended!

Viair is also AllStrobedUp recommended. Pay a little extra and get an outstanding product that has outstanding Support to back it up.

x2 hornblasters FTW

Those pumps are really nice. I remember the 911 I used to have; it came with a portable pump because the spare was deflated in the trunk over the fuel tank…to save space. But why would most of us who have on-board air anyway need one of those? Just a random thought.

They need to outlaw those balloon spare tires and go back to a full spare, at least here in California. When I had to use one I wouldn’t go on the freeway but I’m amazed at how many people do and that’s dangerous because everyone of them I’ve seen were doing at least 65 MPH.

i’ve seen cars here that have 3-4 of them on a car and use them as daily drivers lol

Actually, they weren’t ‘balloon’ tires. On 911’s they are special high performance tires mounted on a steel rim. They collapse into a accordian type of fashion. The fuel tank has a molded indentation to accept the collapsed spare tire…meaning more gallons in the tank. That little car held 22gals.

Those tsunami compressors tend to overheat and shut down, i would not recommend these compressors at all. plus who buys a compressor at sam’s club

thatsa why i burned up 3 harbor freight compressors lol

i dont buy anything eletrical from harbor freight… its all cheap…

for my own use , I just use my horn air supply with the viair tire inflation gun and the air supply 20 gals onboard, does a great job.I have one of the 50ft coiled plastic air hoses ,just snap the gun in the air chuck and filler up! :smiley:

This is why I question the need for one of these set-ups. Most of us if not all on this forum have on board air.

Once they “shut down” - they’re done. They do not have thermal overload protection.
I’ve run them and cooked them… literally…

i had that compressor…i got them when i bought a siege kong horn…the setup comes with two…they work real good in my opinion…the 0-120 fill time is great…i ended up pulling them out got 1 Viair 480…just to get the 200psi…