TW: 4 Black Shocker Horns

Just a feeler would anyone be intrested in my shocker horns? i have that and i also have the New and imporived snap on for the 5/16 line instead of the slpitter

Depending on price, perhaps.

Maybe I’d pick them up and take the tank/compressor setup you have as well? Hmm…

we need a price…

Its a feeler but im asking 200 since they are in really good condition. This 200 also includes the I believe so called “alligator connectors.” this goes in place of ur spliter and it is a quick connects. Hornblasters just came out with these

I’m not too familiar with horns but is there anything else I would need with this to have a really loud horn or is everything included in that $200?


these are just the horns. and the spliter, and valve… you would need to get a compressor and a tank


the 4 horns 210 shipped…


up again


i say list it on ebay

maybe well see

whats your price and pics needed for me to buy…i want to see what you got and the condition, thanks!

Her Farmer, any chance of pointing me in the right direction for a sound clip?

Cheers chappie:)

i can probably post pictures tommorow…

but this is what it sounds like :

and how bout that price?

here is the price

that also includes the selenoid u need to run them

guess i’ll keep looking or go to hornblasters for that price! get them new for $250 with everything needed and my discount would make up for the shipping…let me know if you change the price here soon, but thanks!

im not knocking your price as im sure they are prolly worth if but for that kinda money i can get new…hope it dont sound rude.