Twanky twos

Got some 22s today. My buddy got 24s for his Escalade so I bought the old 22s from him and put em on my truck. I also found out today that my camera no longer works so these iPhone shots will have to do until my buddy uploads his shots.

Let me know what you think :smiley:

Update with good pics:

Yes, that is a dead snail in the foreground, an unfortunate casualty resulting from this thread.

looks good are u going to do anything with the cady center caps?

Good call Brizzal…I like the looks…how’s the ride? Roads are bumby up here…

I’m gunna see if I can find some GMC centercaps or just blank centercaps, but until then the Caddy emblem doesn’t really bother me.

And as for the ride, they actually ride way smoother than my old wheels and tires. I was really surprised.

i like th escalade better…lol

it all depends on the tires! when i put some performance tires on my cady from the original touring tires, they increased the handling and overall look of the car. it made the ride a little more ruff but the stock air suspension evened it out

Big balla

Looks good Bro! I Like those wheels!

So do I. hahaha

Here’s some better pics for ya.

Looks like all it needs is a 4/6 drop and you’ll be good!

bag it!

dang dude. looks good man

I was thinkin I’d do a 2/4 drop and then eventually bag it once I graduate and have a real job. :smiley:

agro is right on! BAG THAT BIOTCH! SLAMM IT or go home!:smiley: send it to “pimp my ride” :eek::smiley:

Consider dropping the bodyside mouldings, the black would really POP…

What the Hell…the wheels would crackle…and the truck would snap! I know I’m out of order…a little fun…

^sounds like you might’ve been drunk when you wrote that. hahaha

slight buzz on…having fun…

I updated the original post with the nice camera pics that my buddy took.

I like them a lot. They arent too gawdy and smooth spokes make a nice image going down the road.