u.s. to u.k.

anyone ever shipped anything to the u.k.? i called fedex to get an estimate and to ship a box that 18" by 18" by 12" they want $250! tank and compressor is only worth like $150! is there to cheaper way to sent it? like $40 or something.

40 to uk i don’t think so bro check usps, dhl

DHL is out of business.



Its a nightmare… I bought a Sh*t load of Subaru parts once from the US…5 box loads of heavy car parts & I only paid $55US… Why is it so expensive nowadays.

I could spend a shed load of money buying stuff from you guys, but when the shipping costs almost twice as much as the item, I have to re-think things.

Guys, I been looking at the hits on “youtube” at horn blasting… how do you top 58,000 hits, Why cant we have a hornblasters.co.uk over here???

DHL was bought by UPS.

The cheapest shipping is by ocean freight but I still think you won’t find anything for $40. So far the best rate we’ve found is BAX Global / Schenker. Let me know if you find cheaper.

i saw a DHL truck forsome reason yesterday?

USPS it!

Their trucks are still around but owned by UPS as I heard it. I shipped a compressor to a customer using his DHL account number after the takeover and it was picked up by DHL. He’s the one who told me that UPS bought them.

how in the world does that work out lol

just like all these cell phone companies, they merge and keep it 2 separate depoartments because its easier. like nextel and sprint, alltel and verizon… so on and so forth, they only merge part of the companies.