Uh oh!!!.....I just bought K5's


These popped up on Ebay UK this afternoon. I really wanted to get a set from HornBlasters directly, but its a issue with costs & import duty doubling the cost that persuaded me & these are in the UK, however, I don’t feel at all guilty as these were apparently already bought from HornBlasters nearly 2 years ago :smiley:
I have spent my days since my K3’s vowing never to get another K series set of Horns, as they are far toooooooo loud, yet I have now!:eek:

LOL… who’s been a naughty lad then hey? :wink:

I noticed both offers came up as rejected… so did you bag them privately and how much did you have to bleed for 'em?

WOOOOOOOOOOOO WEEEEE! :smiley: Would LOVE to have those! :slight_smile:

Yeah DBO, I have been extremely naughty lol. The guy knew what he was selling, I had to hemorrhage the full asking price he would not budge, the other offer was only £150!!!..I’m still happy enough, that is until the wife finds out!!!
Never mind, I’m all excited now!:smiley:

I’m all excited lol lol
Gotta find somewhere to fit em now???:confused:

Nonsense!!! Can never be too loud!!!

Congrats on the find though!!!

Go for a world first and fit’em on the Smart matey:D

Hahahahahaha that would be amazing lol, however, there is just no where to fit them! I’m going to struggle getting the Shockers on it. I have to modify the front valance & the under car protective cover a little bit, but I reckon theres every chance the Shockers will fit :slight_smile: :smiley:

K5’s will have to go on the van, meaning I reposition the Spare wheel LPG gas tank.

Heres my puppies!!!

Not actually got them yet. But all paid for & my brother picked them up for me the other day, but he lives about 300 miles away & i’ll get them the next time he is up. :slight_smile:
Also picked myself up a GW manual valve :smiley:

My brother sat them on top of his car!!! (the roof sagged)

The Graham White:D

HAHAHA… That Peugeot looks great with them :smiley:
What version of the GW 353 did you get?

I don’t have a clue mate?? No idea whatsoever? Are some better than others then?

Dunno… I’ve got a metered version so i can’t comment on the rest . You can tell by the number of grooves onthe tip of the valve stem. Remember hearing that the non metered variant was easier to modulate but apart from that they all blow the same at max.

You…you… git! :stuck_out_tongue: C’mon Pete we’ve got to get this tunnel run sorted now mate :wink:

HHHHHAAAAAAA HA! oh yessss indeed, Once their on I’ll sort out the Tunnel run, dont worry :smiley:

HAHA Nice one Stinky :slight_smile:
Do you have them in your posession now ??
I havent been able to get on here for a while laptop issues + too busy Honking my own K5 :D:D
Cmon Speedy your turn now range rover p38 with a K5 roof mount i rekon:):slight_smile:

Hahaha Noooooooooo, They are still at my brothers down in Devon, I’m in no rush, I’m still getting over the shock of getting them!! lol My bro is coming up at the end of the month, so not long to go now!!! Paaaarrrpppp Parp!!:smiley: :smiley:

Lol! Well, i was just thinking of having roof rack on my ZT and just bosh some horns on a quick release system just to scare the bejezuz out of everyone :smiley:

Aww yeah! Well i know three of us with the MG’s have shockers, all up for a horny meet :smiley:

8.5gallon tank now purchased, going to be coupled to my existing 5gallon tank, filled by three 400c compressors! Horns should be up from Devon in the next couple of days:D

3 more days till my brother comes up to London, bringing up with him, my K5’s & Graham White :smiley:
First job will be taking the Shockers off the van & installing the spare 228vx tank & shockers onto the Smart car at long last!! :smiley:
Then on Sunday, I start looking for a suitable place for the K5’s to go on the van & fit the new 8.5gal tank & compressors:D

I think everyone in your local area needs to seek shelter immediately.