Uk monster truck.....

Heres one of my UK customers that I sold a set of Shockers to!:):D:)

This is the 2nd Monster truck I have sold Horns to.

Nice bit of advertising for Hornblasters, I had SOME of the stickers made special:D

The remote he is using has a range of over 100ft!

A nice Ford F250 with 540 Shockers.

Sweet ride!!! :d

Congrats on the continued success!

Here’s a few more pics to wet ya appetite:)

Cheers fella, its picking up over here more now, I have two installs I’m doing next weekend:D

I’m trying to get some pics of the Horns install, will post em up when I get them:D

And here is the other Monster truck that I sold a set of Shockers to, its the tallest road legal truck in the UK.