Uk- mr2...........

Hi all

Firstly thanks for the warm welcome to this great site.

Heres my ride… NO LAUGHING PLEASE!!!

We just done a London Tunnel run, my little MR2 may not be the fastest, but its certainly the loudest!! We had in the region of 500+ cars there…

Oh wot fun blasting them tunnels.

We did get some Vid footage, but all the best bits my mate forgot to push the record button on the camera.

Anyway heres my little ride…

(I had the decals made especially, I hope no one minds and I wont be sued for liable???) lol

Welcome to the forum. nice mr2

hahahaha…j/k car looks good

Very nice car, theres alot of tunnels in uK i kno cuz i been there and some long A$$ ones too. the decals look great! no liability issues there !

welcome nice ride! im curious to see how long your compressor will last you, i went through 3 of those in 3 months

Thanks People!!

I’m glad you all approve of the Decals/stickers!

I’ve had this compressor for almost three years I think, Never really had a problem, other than the terminals overheating after an occasion of heavy honking!!

Anyway, tis nice to get some feed back from you guys!

I’m not a huge fan of the wheels, but other than that, very nice.

My brother used to have an MR2 like that, same color and all. I can’t see the back, so is it Turbo? Or N/A?

nice bro like the sticker

Hmmm…Wheels are kinda like love em or hate em…but pure old style JDM… The car was specially imported from Japan and these wheels were presented as a special edition set, So I’m trying to keep the car in much the same style as when it came into the UK.

Its a N/A one mate, but looking to do a Turbo or if funds will allow the V6 conversion. I’ve been running about in a Subaru Impreza for the last few years and after splitting from the Ex wife needed to have something less gas guzzling…So I took this car plus £3000 cash for the Subaru.

Cheers for the comments all the same.

very very good idea…keeps more of a value to it


Or you could replace the wheels for looks while you own it, then when you go to sell it, put these current ones back on ;). Then they’ll be in even better shape than they would be then lol.

i’d kill for an old body style mr2

This version? Or the one previous of this?

I’m going to go out on a limp and assume this one, as they are by far the sexiest.

nope the old one sorry next i would take the newer mr2 spyder

Haha. I raise the BS flag.

I just noticed I said “limp” instead of “limb”.