Does anyone know if there are already S4 Shockers in the UK?.. It’d be cool to be the first to have them here in the uk…but I doubt I’m the first.

Where are you ENGLAND???..put ya bloody tea cups down and get posting on here! I cant be the only fruitcake here to be into Hornblasting??

I know there woz that fella from Wales who had a Ford transit…thats all I’ve seen!!!

I go to School at UK lol. University of Kentucky, does that count?

No you numpty!!! lol lol that dont count lol:)


It’s been a while since the last post by anyone, but I’m from U.K. =D We need to get a Hornblasters UK shop opened up. There’s been big interest over here in Belfast in my horn. It’s such a tool like. Love it.

I was really really keen to do this & was working towards such a project, but I just cant get the funding, I’d have to front the money for stock out my own pocket, which after a divorce and a new marriage looming, I just dont have the funds available :frowning:

I’ll ask this rowdy bunch I work with. Got quite a few RN out here, see if I can stir some interest.

Hey Guys im new and just bought a Shocker for my truck, currently in Guildford!

Welcome to the forum and I hope you guys can get something set up there.

Welcome. The shockers make a great start but be prepared to upgrade to Airchimes because most want more of an authentic sound.

Welcome to the forum matey, I’m not a million miles from Guildford, i’m on my 2nd set of shockers ftw. Will have to organise a meet up sometime.

Welcome to the forum!

Wheres Fishy6 gone???:confused: