underhood light

So I got tired of trying to hold a flash light whenever i had to open hood at night… So i took a risk and ordered this light from ebay, and it turned out great…

I wanted something simple, but powerful, and would not draw much power. This works for it all. 1-ground, 1- power wire. Put a switch in the middle of the wire and mounted to top of fuse box, with the terminal part all hidden from weather and water proofed. Tied the power wire into another wire i allready had with an inline fuse to the jumper box.

This light is extremely bright, adjustable up and down, and just mounted with double stick tape and 2 self tap screws.

The ground is on a ring terminal and i put it on the ground strap for the hood.

Heres some pics.

That’s pretty dang sweet!
Do you break down a lot? Haha J/K

Nope. knock on wood, lol

Ive been trying to get all the wiring run for the compressors tho and its getting dark early. So this would haver come in handy when i was doing that… Now i got it for the future. What the truck should have come with in first place! Damn auto makers and there penny cutting .

I gotz a ford that can tow you out of just about anything if you do break down :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k… looks pretty sweet… I might have to try it… but I think I would get a tilt switch if I did it.

nice idea. I’m looking to get those too. How are they at night? just a thought, is it a little low? I would mount it up higher so that the light could spread and light up more areas

also, plan to add a couple of those facing the back for when in reverse or for those tailgaters with their high beams on. :mad:


I have never been stuck yet in my truck. And it isnt because i dont try thats for sure.
I’m the type that takes the unexplored route :smiley: Especially in winter. If i pull into a parking lot and theres a wall of snow a couple feet high, i charge thru and own it :wink:

I thought about hooking it up to a tilt switch but i didnt want it to be on in the middle of the day if i was working under the hood… So this was the next best bet.

Originally i was going to mount it in the middle of the hood or so facing down, but there was no where to really screw it to. Also what went thru my mind was the farther away i mount it from the hinges, the more of a vibration / jolt it will suffer when i close the hood.

Where it is now, it lights up most of the engine bay. easily can see battery connections , antifreeze, washer fluid, (all the important stuff)


@repeatman Does your chevy have that light that comes off and is like 20ft long so you have light incase you get a flat or something? On the left side by battery.

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