United Pacific 46115 vs 46151 vs Grand General 69991

Hello all. First post. I am looking for not necessarily the loudest horn: but something cheap, easy on air, and good sound. This is replacing an embarrassing single plastic trumpet on a Kenworth. I want to use the factory valve and lines. Maybe upgrade later. There seems to be a lot of buzz about the 46115. It sounds great to me on recordings. I can’t find any recordings of the 46151, which is half the price and very popular on the chrome shop sites. The Grand General sounds ok too I guess. Just wondering if anyone has more insight?

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I probably should just run a new line and valve in the floor. I think the line is only 1/4". I’m short anyway so the floor is closer than than factory horn cord on a KW. Will that make a big difference even on these horns?

Hi bbechtel16,

Thanks for reaching out! We use a 1/2" supply line for all of our horns so I would definitely recommend going with a 1/2" air line for optimal performance. And we do have a manual valve as well if you wanted to check that out.

I would recommend taking a look at our Outlaw Train Horn. These horns don’t use a lot of air but are still really loud and have the train horn-tone to them. The horns already have an electric valve attached to them. So if you were wanting to go with the manual valve you would just have to remove that and connect an air line directly to the manifold of the horn. I will attach a few links below for you to checkout. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks for that suggestion Tyler. I really appreciate the high-quality horn audio clips, and the background history of Nathan on your website. Things have taken a dramatic turn for the better. I just found out yesterday I’m getting a P3 from a friend of a friend for $100!!! So we are definitely going to do that one right with a manual valve and 1/2" line. How much air is this thing going to use? Do I need to add another air tank to the truck for it?