UP Parking Lot Reverb

Basically a test of the Galaxy S6 camera, albeit in 1080p 30fps mode instead of 4k 30fps or 1080p 60fps. Honestly, it came out pretty damn good for a phone camera.

That sounds more like a HB outlaw or wolo siberian express than a UP 46115 :confused:. Can you do a recording going through a tunnel to restore my faith in the sound it can produce by any chance?

How does a video in a car wash sound? I’ll record one today. The Galaxy S6 mic is very compressed so loud sounds sound very quiet. Take a listen to my “One Mile Away” video to get a real idea.

It was more the tone than the volume that disappointed me. The annoying thing is that when you honk these horns in person, they only sound one way, but when a mic records them it can warp or alter the pattern of the sound so that a horn can appear to have a variation of sounds.

Yes that distance one sounds like a better match too.

I did a second take with a different camera. This is undoubtedly inferior quality, but the mic is less compressed so you can hear how long the reverb truly rings out.

Alright, I have a clip here that is VERY accurate on the tone. It’s a compressed mic, but it still picks up reverb great and it doesn’t change the tone of the horn. Let me know what you think.

Alright, I have a clip here that is VERY accurate on the tone. It’s a compressed mic, but it still picks up reverb great and it doesn’t change the tone of the horn. Let me know what you think.

Sounds good.

Nice, but do some variable length honks next time maybe too.

Already did that over the summer.

Cool. When I add this horn to my (as of yet fully uninstalled stalled collection) I’ll nickname this horn ‘the iron monger’ (no idea why).

Save that name for an actual cast-iron horn. These are spun brass!

That’s one of my favourite vids, amazing reverbs!

Awesome! I’m picking up a shocker set pretty soon. I’ll definitely be back at that location and re-record this horn along with the shockers with a nice, non-compressed stereo microphone.

WWhichever horn you are blowing is only 2-tones, not 3. Was this the one with the broken diaphragm? Please post recordings when repaired. Also, please blow a long blow, not these short toots so we can hear it. Best way to hear horn and echoes is to blow a rule 14L which is two long blows, a short blow and another long blow in that order.

Example: This is a chrome Strombos chime, with JJ Young Jr. my horn bud, blowing 1 toot (like yours) and four 14L’s, 1/2 mile distant. Tank is only 30 gallons, but this horn which is far more powerful that a P12345 locomotive horn, gets far better “air-mileage” than the P5. The last full 14L started on 40 PSI, and ended at 14 PSI !!


The parking lot reverb is the one with 2 tones. Yes, this is the horn with the broken diaphragm. I already linked to one with a long blast in this thread WITHOUT a broken diaphragm, and I already made a 14L drive-by video right here!

And you’re right. Bu-ell / Strombos have always made absolutely gorgeous sounding air horns. Even their current main locomotive horn sounds heavenly. Go to their website and listen to the clip of their 5-chime rail horn. I might even just grab one of those instead of a K5LA.

Yes the current B****l 5-chime train horn is pretty. We had to settle on A major 6th root (1st position, A,C#,E,F#,A), which is still very pretty. However the original intent was to set it to blow A major 6th 1st inversion (2nd position, C#,E,F#,A,C#) like the old M5 locomotive horns often did. But, the Conn band instrument trumpets (bells used to make Strombos horns) just can’t be shortened enough to blow 554 CPS, which is C#5 (concert C-sharp) The shortest we could get was 518 CPS, a tad flat of concert-C, and it sounded terrible.

The original 5-chime B***L Strombos locie horn of 1951 was set to A7th major, the intended chord of the H5/M5. However, the M5 blew 1st inversion, C#,E,G,A,C#, while the Strombos blew the A7th root (A,C#,E,G,A)

When I had B***L build my 5-chime, I wanted A major 6th 1st inversion, but since they could not, I opted to have the horn blow the same chord structure, but on a deeper pitch, F major 6th 1st inversion. As you hear in the recording, it sounds like playing a K5LA recording in slow motion.

I actually opted to get a brand new Bu-ell 5-chime horn instead of getting the shockers cause NOBODY has them and it’s a shame. They’re relatively inexpensive, they sound beautiful, are loud and SUPER air-efficient. I’ll be picking them up within a few months.

Awesome, these are certainly beautiful and you’ll be shocked at how little air they use, while being extremely powerful. The trumpets and power chambers are brass, so you can polish your trumpets up, or for a little more $$$ you can have them chrome the horn for you. My late friend Bill Williamson had a modern Bu-ell train horn, all in chrome including the bracket.
Anyhow when you get this set, send photos and recordings…you’ll love it…

I’m definitely sure I will. Now I have to brainstorm how to mount them in my spare tire well without muffling the sound. My current horns line up perfectly with holes I cut out using a rotary tool. I might have to cut those bigger.