Upgrading to York 210 on '08 Ram 1500

I currently have a set of shockers on my truck. This includes a Viair 480C into a 5 Gallon tank mounted on the frame rails. 200PSI regulated to 150 for the horns. There is also an air tool quick release inside my tool box to air up tires or use air tools.

I will get the pix together and do a longer install thread. I have been on here about a year but could not post because I did not receive an Email to approve my account.

Last Saturday I went to the semi-local U-Pick auto place and found a York 210 from a "73 Mercedes. I pulled the hoses off and cut the fan belt. The pulley turned free. I turned the center clutch and the suction side sucked. The discharge side gave some pressure. So for the next hour I unbolted the thing. At the Cashier, a paltry $37.

So now it sits in my house waiting for the day I can get the brackets done to mount it on the 5.7L hemi.

I can fab the brackets at a local hackerspace here called MAKEITLABS.com

We have a CNC Plasma cutter, three welders, 3 Lathes, a large knee mill, and various other tools to use, including a auto lift.

I will also have to remove the airbox and fabricate some thing else to make the york fit. Now to get the special pulley from Kilby.

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Welcome to the forum. The York 210 is the best EDC around. They fill 5 gallons from 0 to 150 psi in 55 seconds at 1500 RPM.

Keep an eye on the oil level, they discharge about 1 ounce every hour of run time and its optimal levels are 8 ounces minimum and 10 ounces maximum. Damage to the internal bearings can occur when the level drops to 6 ounces.

I’m waiting on my bracket fabrication as I type this. (Unsure when it’ll be done; a friend is doing it as a favour, so I’m not pestering.)

What ‘special pulley’ do you need from Kilby … and why? Is this something specific to Dodges?

The Engine uses a serpentine belt and the York has a V belt. The Kilby altenater pulley has both so it can drive the york.

Any Drawings/sketches available from your friend?


When it’s done I can probably get them. However, my implementation is for a 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 using a York 210L (left-hand suction) that will go inline with the serpentine belt. So, it probably won’t be applicable to your install since you’re in a Dodge and you’re using a V-belt…

Well I have media blasted and painted my york compressor. I want to add a sight glass
to check the oil level.

Does anyone know the inch measurements from the bottom of the case to 8 OZ of oil and Also 10 oz of oil? This will allow me to put the sight glass gauge in the right spot.

I am still designing the brackets. I just got checkout on the CNC plasma Cutter last night and cut out some brackets for a Ammo Reloading Press. I got a sheet of 1/4"
aluminum for the brackets, however I may still get steel from a Friend. The Steel supplier wanted me to buy a whole sheet. The Scrap Yard was a washout for steel plate too.



I have read about folks doing sight glass additions to their Yorks, but I was unable to find detailed information (i.e. materials & tools needed, location for sight glass, pressure and temperature tolerances, etc.) that I felt was reliable enough for me to make the modification, myself.

If you pursue this I’d be interested in the specifics of it…

Sorry guys, our drawing of the pump is proprietary and can’t be shared. Maybe somebody that has one will take the measurements and post it.

I don’t want the whole drawing, nor did I ask for it. I was just asking for oil level measurements.

I guess I just have to drain the case. remove the head, Add 8oz of oil and measure then add an additional 2oz and measure. Something so simple I thought someone would have those two measurements before I go thru the motions myself.


Or just buy a dipstick for it. Kilby sells them and they are marked with 1oz graduations.

I was told the 8 ounce level is 7/8" from the bottom and 10 ounces is 1 1/8"

Thanks Dan.


Those measurements are from the inside bottom of the crankcase.

That is what I was looking for.

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