UPS driver is a liar!

So today was the day my nathan P3 was “guaranteed” to be delivered. I was home all day today and nothing. I know they deliver until 7:00pm so around 6:30 I started to get a little anxious and checked online to see the status of my package. It said 17:49- THE RECEIVER DID NOT HAVE FUNDS AVAILABLE ON THE 1ST DELIVERY ATTEMPT. A 2ND DELIVERY ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE
Thats funny cause I’ve been sitting in my office by the front door most of the evening waiting for this delivery. Knowone came to the door, my dog would have be freaking out if I happened to not be in the office and someone did come to the door??? No slip left or anything. So I call UPS 800# and I’m told sorry but the driver can only make one attempt per day and I have to wait till tomorrow! Sorry to vent but I’m just so PI$$ED, I was so looking forward to having my horn in my hands! I can’t wait to confront this lying sac of caca tomorrow!

Dude that sucks!
Hopefully it comes tomarrow.

I hear ya buddy! Canadian customs held my Horns, T-shirt and stickers for 2 1/2 weeks to get “inspected”. But hey, tomorrow will be a good day for sure!

Happened to me to with my k5hL. I was so pi##ed. But all the more happier the day it came:D

the delivery guy probably had a long day, and don’t care they work and take care of service for UPS

they had you at the end of his route, and probably he decided to **** you over by not delivering (maybe you were a long way out of his route, which would get him home late)

i find this unacceptable… i would contact UPS, tell them the driver is not serious working for UPS and was suppose to deliver that day!

Wow…That’s a little shady of the driver I would say.

So did your horn come in today?

Finally came this evening! I used some steel mesh and made some screens.

Looks Good. Thats Stainless mesh? Or you gonna paint it.

Pretty sure it’s stainless. Never thought about painting it but now that you mention it… I’m not too worried about looks cause it’ll be riding under the cab of my big rig, offroad in the oilpatch. Guess I’ll have to wait and see if it starts to rust.

Come on Mercer…don’t leave us hanging, what happened with the driver?

Just wondering, but is that a Tom Aker P3? lol All of his horns come in Tom Aker black lol

How true your statement is. I actually got a rs3l from him that was in he OG gray color

When he came the next day I asked him why he didn’t come to my house and why he lied about me not having funds. His response, “er, um , well , ah, this actually isn’t my route, must of been a different driver”. So I said to him, “more lies, just give me my F’n package and get the F off my property you F’n lying F’r!” I will avoid using UPS at all costs in the future.

LOL, why yes it is. And thanks for putting me in contact with him! I probably would have spray bombed it black anyways if it came unpainted.

Haha no problem. I lied though and after reading what John said I remembered lol. I got the RS-5-T in my avatar from him which obvioulsy wasn’t black lol Nice CSX YN2 job.


Nice lookin horns, when are you ganna install them?