UPS guy....

I guess my most memorable scare was the day after I installed an HB4H set on my minivan :slight_smile:

I was at a stoplight right after picking up the kids from school and a UPS truck pulled up next to me with the sliding door open…

His head was bobbing back and forth to some imaginary tune and the kids were just begging me to blast him :o

He was in gear with his foot on the clutch and as soon as the light turned green, I gave him a little blast :rolleyes:

He jumped off the clutch and stalled the truck :smiley:

What’s funny is that the same driver shows up at my shop the next day to deliver another set of horns I had on order :stuck_out_tongue:


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haha thats awesome… ive scared a few ups drivers… but just the ones i know…lol

i dont scare ups drivers cause they carry are great horns that are shipped from…

when I got my box I walked outside and the ups guy looked at it and asked what hornblasters was. I told him it was a train horn that I can put on my car. He laughed and told me that that was awesome, and to have fun with it. :smiley:

lol i love ups drivers because when i buy something online from hornblasters i can’t wait to see that lil truck coming or the guy knocking at my door lol

Going home Friday night, some moron on a newer GSXR pulled up to my right truck fender (I was in the right lane of a two lane left turn) and turns left in front of me… It was all I could do not to lay on the horns at the moron - but damn did that kid deserve it…

The next time, I doubt I’ll be so kind…

He deserves it next time…lol

oh yeah honk it next time