UPS............. Pants!!!


I woz according to the tracking information supposed to be getting a parcel from Hornblasters today.
The tracking said it was in the UK at Castle Donnington awaiting cleareance, next it said it was out for delivery on the 3rd may and delivery date was on the 5th May!!
I rang them yesterday to check how much import duty was due and then I’m informed that the package aint even left the States yet :frowning:

GUTTED! I wanted to get started on my install this weekend :frowning:

The due date is now Tues 10th!!!

Rant over and now were back in the room :slight_smile:

Yeah, when I ordered the Inflation Kit, I checked my tracking # everyday and it kept giving me an error that the tracking # didn’t exist. Then all of a sudden a week later the package is delivered and still no tracking #

Damn UPS!

Ups and usps both piss me off…I like fedex

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Its sooooooo frustrating… They aint got a clue whats going on, I had the morning off to wait in for it as well.:mad:

UPS print screen… quite clearly states “out for delivery”:confused:

lmao wtf ru buying on ebay?

blow up sheep?? i dont even wanna know lol

Busted! LMAO

LMFAO~! busted is right!

Now for a joke that just popped in my head…

Do you know why the farmer screws sheep on the edge of a cliff? So it pushes back, hahaha

:eek:OOPS!!! ermmmmmmmmm How do I get out of this one???

Ok, Its one of my mates Stag do coming up and were talking about going in fancy dress, hence…

I was thinking about wearing an Osama mask, however it was suggested it may insight trouble…:mad::confused:

:cool:Anyway thats my excuse…pmsl

Oh and I liked the sheep joke, but they dont really push back, they normally poop, then jump…ermmmmm so I’ve been told :D;)

At last… its finally in the UK :D:D:D

my order from china left and arrived on time through UPS. but mine weighed less than a kilo. :slight_smile:

LOL @ the ebay stuff. :smiley:

^^^ :D:D 1 kilo??? - mines 25Kilos, i think they must be driving the fork lift truck over to deliver it to me…man this is painfully slow…I am going slowly mad, i’ve looked out my front window 20,000 times in the past few hours:(

Its on its way…apparently???

You crack me up! Hope it arrives soon.

Pony express lol

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Mate, I’m going out of my mind!!!

I dont think this pony has any legs…

I cant believe how bad I am again, I’m worse than when I was waiting for my K3’s to arrive … ohhh the boredom… I’m on my 10th episode of Jerry Springer, and now turned over for Judge Judy!!! (shes so funny…I think I may be falling mildly in love with her)

I’ve just rang UPS for the third time pmsl…

I want my 5g Tank & compressor!!!


Lmao…looks like u have to wait til santa brings them on xmas…lol
Good things happen to those who wait…lol

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Hmmmmmm and is by magic!!! a huge box of goodies has just turned up!!! the Tank is already sitting in its proposed position and looking sweet as a nut!!!

I’m off to play no;)… Stinky skips out the door…

Haha good stuff man…happy for u

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Great - now you can stop reading about bombs and male modeling & get some work done! lol