used k3ha or hb4h


sean check your ebay listings., under " horn" or train horns. k3’s abound @ 450.00 - 500.00 range new!:cool:

how much are you trying to buy a black 4 piece for i have several sets. if you make me a resonable offer i cant deny it.

I wouldnt mind having a second set of the 4 piece… whats the lowest you will take for a set?

2 sets of the hb4h sounds great i’m gladd i added my second set

i am really considering doing it… if i did tho, i would probably upgrade to a 5 gal tank since my current 3 would drain fairly quick. I would plumb them seperate too so each would get there own 150 psi line not a split…

only thing that scares me is another valve failure… had that happen to me twice when i first put it all together, the diaphragm blew out and made for very pissed neighbors. lol

mine run great off one 1/2 inch valve and the stock splitters i’ll take a close up pic tomorrow of my valve and splitters i have set up

i have 3/8 line running to the 1/2" valve but if u jsut split it at that point you are going to have at best 75 psi to the splitters…

now if you plumb a second line to the second set that would give you a true 150 psi at each splitter :slight_smile:

Mine is setup so the splitters are right together right at the valve so i have 150 psi going to a 8 port splitter and if i have 1/2 line and valve dropped to 5/16 line from the splitter to the horn there is enough air volume to keep those line close to 150 psi