Used Nathan or Leslie for sale?

I’m new to the forum and also new to the train horn game. I need a horn pretty quickly though. I own a small business that does Audio Video work for commercial applications. We support our local schools with all their PA systems and football stadium systems donating as much as we can. One of our local teams went to state last year, and looks as if they’re going again this year.
Last year the opposing team had a huge train horn on a truck they parked at the end zone of the stadium and would blow the horn when they scored. Our kids had nothing except their mom’s clapping. Lol. Well, I want to do better for our kids this year. I need a horn, a Nathan or a Leslie at a price I can afford. Any help is appreciated!

what price are you willing to spend for nathan air chime AH K3 exc cond.

What’s a fair price? $700 - $800 is my budget, although I don’t want to be offensive with that offer. It’s about what I can offer.

Sorry i gave this set of horns away years ago to a trucking freind of mine. can reach out to him because he is now retired. can see if available and if he wants to sell .