using the horns off my vehicle

I have a HornBlasters Conductor’s Special Model 240 Train Horn Kit.I was wondering if there is a safe way to use the horns for halloween. I currently have everything off of my truck. the horns… activators… compressor… tank… and all the lines. I want to put it on my front porch or out of a window in my house and be able to make it horn when kids are leaving the porch.

Im guessing… just hook up a pancake compressor to the manifold that came with the kit (which i am going to disconnect from the activator) and have the vinyl air lines from the horns hooked up to the manifold. in between the pancake compressor and air manifold have some kind of switch. maybe just a manual ball valve to turn when I want the horn to sound. would like it to be a push button switch but im guessing that would mean id have to buy a solenoid of some kind

Is there a easier or better or safer way to do this? or should I just forget the idea completely?

thank you for your time, I appreciate it very much.

You got it. Simplest way is a home air compressor with a ball valve on the airline to the horn manifold. Poor kids! Give the ~really~ small ones a break…

I agree with giving the really small kids a break even though Halloween is about being scary.

I hook mine up to a nitrogen bottle and regulator. From there you can hook up any valve you want