Uv led lights........

OK so yesterday I fitted the Ultra violet LED’s in the boot of my car, then headed off to my 1st public viewing for the Horns. A small collection of about 50 other Jap cars. I ended up being invited into the main area and the car was swamped as soon as I opened that boot!

I took some more pics with a different camera. The pics still dont do the install justice.

These LED’s I purchased off Ebay and cost peanuts…For the money, I reckon these are a nice little touch to any installation.

very nice inestall there and ilove those lights

I thank you young man…:smiley:

looks very professional !

You Stinkypete…are a man among many

Thanks dude… When I started this Install I never expected it to turn out the way it did… I’m chuffed… fanks for ya comment!

I’m not…I just simply love my Horns…maybe a little to much!!! lol

I would like to imagine how it would be like if you got an Nathan Airchime. you’ll probably be sleeping in your car. :rolleyes: JK.:smiley:

haha now thats a good one!

nice job stinky!
heres my engine bay leds for shows, they are on remote and have RGB LEDs in each of the 4 tubes

OH MY GOD…I’d give up sex for them!!!..(*ok thats maybe taking it way to far…) A nathan airchime = Horn Porn!

Cool Brizzy mate… that looks wicked at nite! I’ve never been big into LED’s until I put my horns in. I used to have a Scooby (Subaru) which woz all go & no show, where as now with the MR2 its all Show and no GO! lol

The Horns have changed my driving style… I used ragg the crap outta my scoob and get where ever I woz going at WARP speed. Now I enjoy just mooching around looking for potential hornblasts. lol

WOW superrrr clean install. Did you get a discount for all that hornblasters advertising? lol

I suppose I can only hope and prey that a nice 5gallon tank is on its way… pmsl… Only joking… Oh and if it is, I hope you mark it as a gift… lol

thats exactly what i was thinking…

They did me a blinding price & lots of extra goodies as well! :slight_smile:

IDK if I’d want UV lights in my car…well as long as they don’t shine onto the back seat…:smiley:

lol… I wont ask why… coz I think I know…yuk!!! lol