Valve help

I hooked my Conductor set up with a push button momentary switch that I bought at my local automotive store. I mounted it upside down on the underneath dash so that I can tap it or hold it in. I was wondering if I can get a rheostat switch where I can vary the opening of my valve? Does the valve open fully once it gets juice? If so I may not be able to add one. I want to be able to vary the flow of the horns , but I dont want to pay $200 for a manual control valve and re-run some of my installation air tubing. Any ideas?

We’re actually testing a variable electronic valve right now, we want to insure it will be able to maintain the flowrates required by our horns. We should know something in the next few weeks. Price will be approx $120 , the flow is controlled by a variable control knob that will adjust the orifice opening on the fly. Stay tuned!

Sounds good Matt, I have been wanting one if these for quite sometime.

Could you get an air regulator and regulator how much air you want to send out…