Valve help..

I have a chance to buy this Graham/White valve for $90 delivered to my doorstep. I dont know much about them, but this guy is an avid train horn person and says that it is in perfect working order. What do you all think? He has all the hardware, he just took it apart so that I could see the guts of it.

GET IT!! those bitches are expensive!!

Ok, I got it coming, thanks for the heads up.

I was wondering, since I am running 3/4" inside diameter airline, could I step it down to 1/2" on each side of the valve and be OK? I dont really have room to run 3/4" hose in the cab in and out. I thought I would take one side of the electric solenoid and get a step down to 1/2" and run it into one side of the valve and do the same to the other side and then 3/4" back into the tank. Any feedback? I guess if you think about it, the fittings are all 1/2" inside diameter anyways.

I am also going to put a 150 psi regulator on my tank to control my blasts at 150psi. I think this will sound better especially with my manual valve. I still dont like the idea of pushing 200 psi through them.

u could do this…

Here is the pressure regulator that I am getting today. I will run this on the top port of my tank and step it down to 1/2" airline to the graham/white valve and then 1/2" hose from the other side of the valve to the horn. This way I can keep my current pressure switch and 200 psi tank voulme but only blast the horns at a controlled 150 psi max.

Pneumatic Regulator
Type Modular
NPT (In.) 1/2
Max. Flow (CFM) 60
Max. Pressure (PSI) 300
Max. Temp. (F) 175
Adjustment Range (PSI) 5 to 150
Adjustment Knob Nonrising Knob
Gauge Port Full Flow
Valve Design Balanced, For Accurate Pressure Control
Height (In.) 5.34
Width (In.) 2.68

how much u payin for that?

$34 for the pressure regulator here in town

nice… thats not bad i guess

The way I look at it is this, I can run my 200 psi in my tank, still have my 165/200 psi pressure switch. I have a toggle switch bypassing my compressors as well, so I will be pushing no more than 150 psi through the K5LA until my tank reaches 150 psi. That will be several blasts of the handle before the compressors fills, or until I flip the override toggle controlling my compressors. I think this will sound so much better at a lower psi of 150 and with the graham/white valve controlling it. I blast it every now and then at 200 psi and it is too loud and does not sound good, it sounds like it is screeching and I dont want to damage the diaphrams. I have never blasted at 200 psi for more than a simple tap on the push button. I have talked to so many people in train horn clubs that have said not to run them at 200 psi. I guess its a matter of opinion.

i just do what i want thats all…if something gets broke… then it will get fixed…if it cant be fixed then it gets replaced…
im gonna get me a EDC and add a 30 gallon tank to my system… give me a total of 42 gallons of air…haha!

buck , good buy on the valve. you can eliminate the solenoid valve with the graham white valve also.just run your line from the regulator to the “in” side of the valve.your fine with the 1/2" line also.just be sure to use a 1/2" gromet when you bring the line up through the floorboard to protect your airline and keep water intrusion from the road out.:smiley: