VIAIR 400c Problems......

This is kinda carrying on with a post about a problem I had in another thread.

I have two compressors, both 400c’s.

The first one is approx 6mths old & blows 30amp fuses after a couple of minutes, especially if you stop & start it & runs slightly slower than normal? I might add, the leader hose is not connected.

The 2nd one, was used less than 5 or 6 times & does not seem to pump?

I have sucked down down the leader hose & the ball valve is working correctly, only letting the air through one way.
I have blown into the hole where the air filter goes & air comes out of the leader hose & if i sucked the same hole, no air comes out, proving the check valve is doing its job.
When I connect the compressor to 12v’s it purs away & runs nicely, but no air comes out the leader hose???:confused::confused::confused:

I’m wondering if the check valve is faulty & I am able to suck the air through, but the compressor is unable to open the ball bearing in the check valve?

Has anyone else had a similar problem? I’m completely stumped!:confused::confused:

Busted reed valve on the piston perhaps?

Thanks, Is this the reed valve on top of the piston? What does it do?:confused:

Yeah that’s it. Lets air into the chamber on the downward stroke and stops it from escaping back out on the compression stroke. Also check that the teflon piston ring seals against the side of the chamber.

Trade them in for an Oasis…lol

Hahaha Dan, :D:D Hmmmmm So if I give you two faulty 400c’s, in exchange you will give me a nice gleaming Oasis compressor?, Let me think about it… lol

If it helps, we have all of the replacement parts for the majority of Viair compressors :wink: