VIAIR 444C Chrome Dual Packs: New!

Coming out in November, VIAIR is introducing a new compressor in Dual Packs to the market for a limited time.


  • 12-volt
  • Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI, 50% @ 200 PSI
  • Max. Working Pressure: 200 PSI
  • Max. Amp Draw: 38 Amps
  • Dimensions (Each Unit): 11.25”L x 4”W x 6.75”H
  • Net Weight: 19.5 lbs.Oil-Less Design
  • Gearless, Direct-Drive Motor
  • Permanently Lubricated Bearings
  • Automatic Reset Thermal Protector
  • Dual Stage Filter Element

(2) 444C Chrome Compressors
Patents Pending Intercooler-Style Head
(2) Air Filter Assemblies
(2) Remote Mount Brackets
(2) Sets of Remote Mount Fittings
(2) Sets of Spare Air Filter Elements
(8) Sets of Nuts, Bolts, Washers and Lock Washers
(2) Stainless Steel Braided Leader Hoses
with Inline Check Valve
(6) Airline Clips

All 444C 200 PSI-Rated compressors feature a head assembly that includes a newly-developed, patents pending intercooler-style head assembly. Additionally, they are equipped with a stainless steel braided leader hose with inline check valve assembly that serves to protect the compressor by eliminating the possibility of high amperage restarts.

Spec. sheet:


The 444C Dual Pack has a MAP Price of $319.95

What is the difference between the viair 444c and the viair 480c?

Very similar overall in performance, just less expensive and only available for a limited time.

Where can you order them? a phone number maybe?

Hornblasters will have them in about two weeks.
Looks like they’ll have a bunch of them too!

Just call 877.209.8179. Anyone who picks up the phone is a professional, and will provide you with top-notch service.

is that 3.53 fill rate a combined rate? or each compressor?

Its combined.

Here are our product pages for the two items. They aren’t in stock yet, but all the details are there:

444 Compressor

444C Dual Pack

i want one!!! it says out of stock bro… why?

how hard on a cars alternator and battery to run 2 compressors at once like these??for instance i gotta 97 grand am

Read the thread… they’re not here yet…
I posted last week that HB would have theirs in about two weeks…

Still uno mas semana…


They’re here!

Am I the first to get a dual pack of these??? Nah… cant be…

I don’t think so, but there will be fewer of these than say 480C or 380C Dual Packs. HB has had their inventory on these now for about two months now.