Viair 480C dual pak, 8.5 gallon tank, and electric valve.

sold the truck i was putting horns on. so i got some stuff to get rid of. got a 480c dual pak thats never been out of the box. an airlift s10 specific tank that is 8.5 gallons and is made to fit between the frame rails. its never even been mounted or been used. also have a 1/2 GC xtreme valve can’t remember what series off the top of my head. never been wired or had air through it either. make me some offers. no low ballin ***** brand new guys. but i’m willing to work. if pics are a must i can do that too. i take paypal.

shoot me a pm for that valve

post an email or some sort of second contact information plz

how much for the compressors?

PM me on here or email me at

PMs sent

Very well handled for private sales… Kudos for your kindness to Hornblasters who operates this forum.


Fo sho…

yo bro how much for the tank???

Is the Viair Dual 480C compressor kit still abailable?