Viair 480C VS Air Zenith OB2?

I’m thinking it’s time for an upgrade in my air system. I’m using a generic superiorhorns compressor that has lasted me for a few years now with no issues, but now the check valve is giving out and it’s slowing down and getting noisier.

Now I’d LOVE to have an Air Zenith as I know they are blazing fast, but how reliable are they? I am hearing reports of them falling apart quite often. I know the 480C is super reliable, but it’s only about half the speed of the OB2 and isn’t as tough when it comes to duty cycle. What would you guys recommend?

I think it all comes down to how much stress and strain the components are under … and some luck. You’re always going to have a certain percentage of owners who will have issues with any mass produced items. The Air Zenith compressors generally have quite a good reputation, plus they have a 2 year warranty which is about as good as you’ll find from any manufacturer.

Then again, I certainly can’t speak badly about Viair - quite the contrary. I’ve had my dual 480 kit running for about 4 years now without a single hiccup. Keeping the compressors dry and cool will certainly help in their longevity no matter what you get.

Even though I’d like an Oasis at some stage, once my 480 kit dies I’ll probably go with a dual OB2 kit since I just don’t have room for anything larger.

Honestly, I’m running 150 psi in a 5 gallon tank, and I’m not gonna be constantly honking and refilling. I feel like I wouldn’t stress an OB2 that much.

I ended up going for the OB2 and it’s WAY better than I expected! I left a review in the review section.