viair 480c

hay guys just wonted to say i am
relly diging this viair 480c air compresser wean
hookt it all up and
turnd it on wow
this is a cool air
compresser its
sturdy quiet and has
a nice hum to it
fills my 8.5 gallon
tank with ease i like
it. i mounted it on
a small peace of
plywood with rubber on both sides to dampend the vibrahon and
it work out nicely
i wudd like to hear
your feedback
what do you guys
think of the viair

its awesome

they’re awesome

I have 2 480c and love them to death! They fill so quick!

sweet this is a
wild compresser
lol :D.

i do have one ?
if sum one can
help the pressure
switch is 175psi
i dont know if my
AZ air gauge is off
a little wean i let
the compresser do
its normal fill cycle
the gauge gos to
183 184psi then
the compresser kicks off dont know

glad you like it man, whats the psi gauge on the tank say?

i picked one up yesterday for 40 bucks its used but runs like a champ

dont know lol but
i will check it out
and yes i love it
i thank you :DBIG:D
bro she works like champ.

sweet bro cool