VIAIR Compressor Mounting: (Don't do this at home)

When you buy a VIAIR compressor, you will note that there are bolts that hold the front cover (intake, air filter side) onto the compressor motor.

When you realize that you want your compressor to be mounted upright on a surface that is perpendicular to the ground - please - build a mount for the compressor!

Removing the bolts and swapping the mounts to the backside, is a nifty idea - but there’s nothing to hold the front cover on!

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. It happens all too often.
Please note: This is not a warranty issue…

Ever wonder why we ask that pumps never get disassembled if they’re sent in for warranty evaluation?

sure there is… buy some longer bolts and put a nut and lockwasher on it =)

Stupid hurts.

that will buff right out… lol

Too bad it won’t help this guy…

Yes it do…

thats how i have mine but i know that the bolts where not going to work so i did this

and my bolts go in the case then the motor then have like 1/2inch of extra bolt
i put nuts on the extra bolt to hold the mount

only stupid people do that and not think about it !

i can save that pump with my trusty tig

What I don’t get, is that there are companies like AVS that make awesome mounts that allow horizontal installation to a frame rail. Why not just use them? You do realize that by disassembling your compressor - you just voided its warranty, right?

How do we know that its been apart?

Your lock washer will grind a groove into the front cover…

well yeah if your warranty is still valid =) but a modders motto is if you cant open it you dont own it… =)

duct tape and zip-ties ftw lol :smiley:

Yeah, but you forgot the other one too:

“You broke it, you bought it…”


Lance, How about a link to that AVS frame mount please.


My favorite:

Thanks lance.