Viair Give away

Hey Just thought we’d share this with you guys. Viair is doing a portable compressor give away on facebook.

Details here


I did mine!


It’s just not in me to share that post for a slight chance at getting a free Viair…:wink:

Wouldn’t it be strange for you of all people to win?


Very cool for this to be shared with us. But I’m wondering what the heck I’d do with an electric compressor…

The part that freaks me out is that the contest requires one’s FB privacy setting for the share to be public. Who in their right mind does that in this day and age? I have to pass because of that…

Just that post is public (you can select it) … I have the same problems since my family is a bunch of fruitcakes and I feel like the reserve black sheep in my family.

Yup, I know you can do it for just that post. However, I make zero public FB posts and have my profile on lockdown in addition to having it populated with largely bogus data (and zero pictures). Why? Because FB is a major target for hacks … since most people keep photos, phone numbers, email addresses, lists of everyone they know, birth dates, etc. etc. on FB. It’s basically ripe for an attack/hack since the data in most FB profiles can then be used as a solid starting point for additional ID theft attacks/attempts – or to augment an ID theft attack/attempt that’s already in progress.

Be careful what data you place where … online. I advise the use of disinformation anywhere possible as a useful countermeasure to ID theft, since there’s truly no such thing as a 100% ‘secure’ computer or network.

No FB for me

I just choked on my dinner with laughter reading that Dan! Pmsl:D

No fb for me either :frowning: