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Lots of information, and over 400 fans already following VIAIR:!/pages/VIAIR-Corp-High-Performance-Compressors/138158692873940

i fanned ya


now you got over 401 fans!!!

yeah, he even conned me into it…hahaha

Almost 1,400 peeps keeping tabs on VIAIR these days!

We update our Facebook constantly and are starting a SEMA build on a 2011 Jeep JK - check it out!

Any word on new compressors? The 490c

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I hit the “Like” button, too!

The 490 Series units are not available at the moment, but will be released when they are ready to wear the VIAIR logo. (They’re too fast for their own good).

Thanks! I hope you enjoy our updates!

man u guys been workin on those 490s for YEARS!! now…why cant they be ready yet?? lol

I’ve had u added for a while now. Watched u run around & air up all 4 tires in less than 9 minutes! Man u run fast! Lol

Yeah, now just add the Benny Hill theme song and it’ll be a perfect video!

That would work…LOL