viair tire inflator gun kit

big thanks goes out to matt & staff for the super quick shipping on the gun kit. really like the convieneance of having the pressure guage right with the fill gun.don’t have to get the tire guage and tire fill hose to service my tires,now it’s all together. thanks guys!:smiley:

your welcome… LOL :slight_smile:

got my tire infltion kit today.must admitt it’s a nice set complete with it’s own carrying case. nice big guage( good for us old guys)LOL! will make good use of this item .thanks h/b & viair!:smiley:

How much did that run you bro?

i went to sears and bought a tire kit…came with every hookup possible to fill everything and anything i needed too…my sisters had me fill up their inflateable pool poop for their sons

aaron, it was like 29.95,it’s on the products page.looked at one on ebay the guy wanted like 56.00 for basically the same set-up.:eek:

Thanks man and wow thats rediculous he was trying to sell that for 56$ rofl.