viar 350c with 5 gallon tank ??!??!?

ok thats what Ive got as of tonight, I have it set up with a relay and 110/145 switch and it seams like it keeps going forever ! how long should it take to fill up ? I dont want to blow up the tank! Im running the shockers on my 2007 nissan titan… THANKS-

hey i just texted you ,

The one question i had was do u have a pressure gauge? also your fill time is approx 9 min from 0-145

i just send you a message to your cell phone but here are the

Viair 350C Tank Fill Rates:

5 Gallon Tank Fill Rate

  • 0 To 105 PSI 5 Min. 36 Sec.
  • 0 To 145 PSI 8 Min. 41 Sec.
  • 85 To 105 PSI 1 Min. 12 Sec.
  • 110 To 145 PSI 2 Min. 42 Sec.

also if you can get a 175 PSI Safety Blow-off Valve will be nice…

ok well I guess around 9 mins should be how long it stays on, I will see tomorrow… but just thought of this…I ran a 14 gauge wire from the battery to the relay, and pressure switch… is that my problem ?

also, without a pressure switch or at least one thats working correctly. is there some how the compressor will shut off if it like over heats, or if its only a 150psi comp is it possible that it will over fill the tank by ??? and either blow the tank or comp ? or is there some sort of saftey features that will shut it down before that happens ?

thanks for the messages guys, got it all figured out I think… im going to bed so get at me through here lol… thanks again…

Nice to see you finallu joined if u still need help txt me or swing by my house

I will swing by sooner or later these days to check out what ya got… my buddy wants your horns he just doesnt have money lol… these are addicting, Ive already drove 15 miles just scaring people lol… got about 30 golfers in all 3 gold courses at westchase… more then half flicked me off and one tripped and busted his bum lmaoooo…

haha i kno where that is… i just sold my train horns and got a k3 the real ones… so ill have it coming soon

make sure to post up some pics and videos

I will try to make some videos…my buddy just moved out of my house but he has a 30gig hd recorder… I will try to make some quality videos…

so how long did it take to fill? Did you end up getting a gauge and pressure relief?

ya it does stop, i guess i just got a little too worried lol… no i didnt get a chance to yet…

I have the 380c also hooked up to a 8 gallon tank maybe . it does take a little while , and yes these compressors are protected from getting too hott , it will shut off but its not good for it.