Viar 480c

hey can somebody post or e-mail me a address where i can send one of my 480c compressors off to be re-built. thanks

Are you looking for warranty, or just to have them repaired?

If warranty, you’ll need a copy of your receipt to establish the date of purchase. Did you purchase from Hornblasters? If so, contact them for further information, since they handle their own warranty work as a Master Warehouse Distributor for VIAIR.

If over a year old, they are no longer covered by any warranty.

Regardless, you’ll have to get a Returned Goods Authorization number from VIAIR to send it in. This can be gotten by contacting VIAIR Corporation directly.

If not covered by warranty, we charge a $20 inspection fee, plus parts and labor needed to repair the unit. If the unit cannot be repaired, the $20 inspection fee is still due - but we will not collect any further fees without your permission.

TEL: 949/585-0011
FAX: 949-585-0188

thanks Lance, so i need to call the numbers on you’re page or what ? my compressor is older than 1 yr so i know i will have to pay for repairs…which is not a big deal. thanks again mark

Call VIAIR Corp.
TEL: 949/585-0011

Tell them you want to ship it back for repairs. They’ll take a credit card for the $20 inspection fee, then advise you as to what’s wrong before they repair it. Shipping will be added to that amount once the repairs are completed.

thanks Lance, as soon as i can get time away from work I am going to ship it to ya’ll to fix.

Be sure to get an RGA number first, or they won’t accept the package!

will do thanks again