Video conversion: QuickTime to WMV

Anybody know the easiest way to do this?

My Kodak camera takes decent video, but only in QuickTime format. I’d like to convert them to WMV so I can edit them on a computer instead of trying to on the camera because it’s a pain in the backside.




i use sony vegas and render it to wmv but thats probably old fashioned way haha

here is a online way i use sometimes for small things

you dont even need to download anything.

I can’t do the online thing since I’m in the sandbox and internet speeds here are a lot like dialup, so successfully converting a 72MB QuickTime file is a pipedream.

What about something I can download?


Only way I knew how to do it is with vid software. I use adobe elements. You can always send the file to someone and they can convert. Youtube convert it?

Okay so with the help of a friend who found one for me, I got it to work without watermarks or needing to be online.

It’s called WinX Free MOV to WMV Converter. I like it so much I might just buy the deluxe version.


avs4u is what i bought… it does a poop load!