video of my horns up and running

two genuine brass horns of a class 37 coal train.
click the link to view

my circuit i made

basic drawing of my setup

That’s pretty cool.

thats bad asss

nicely done… ive seen that van somewhere… that the Benz correct?

no its a ford transit. were r u from?

very nice…

im in the tampa fl usa…but ive been to london… and on the web i think ive seen that van…

yeh it is on the web. you tube, ford transit forum. and i bin in and around london
alot with the van. also it might be on a few pictures of ford fair 2008 silverstone…(europes largest ford fair )

i usually go to middlesex

Hi mate!!! Where in Wales are you?, I’m in London. Nice to see ya dude!

Get more notes and create a song. haha that would be epic. but anyway, nice setup

yeh you to. im in bridgend by cardiff. you no this place?

Yeah dude, I have a girlyfriend who lives down that way, shes near Newport… your further on down the M4 I think.

Me & my mate will be going down to wales soon, to do some Sheep blasting!!! lol

Nice one for putting ya vids up.