Video: York 210, 0-150 psi fill time

so i finally whipped this together.

fill time of a york 210. Two 5 gallon tanks making 10 gallons. I apologize for the bad video quality. Since the gauges are hard to see in the video the PSI numbers will be displayed at the bottom. Also i tried to keep the revs between 1500 to 2000, but even when i hold the pedal in one spot the revs will still drop.

Before the test I drained the oil from the york and put in 14 ounces which is what the manual calls for.

After the test I drained the air oil separator and i have a picture of how much came out — 4 ounces

Awesome you make me wanna get one lol

Don’t know about the oil, but that’s pretty dang quick.

OH CRAP!! I better Check my Oil level MORE OFTEN!! :open_mouth:

dan @ oasis said theirs requires about 10 oz, but I don’t know what their mods are.

Kind of ironic that yours coughed up 4 oz…

Nice, except for the oil discharge. One of the reasons we recommend 10 ounces is that during our original tests, before we had oil rings, we found more than that got discharged faster but not that fast, especially with the crankcase ventilated to atmosphere.