I have the a 5 gallon 7 port air tank…I have one port open that i could use for more voulme. Would the be any added value in adding a second 5 gallon tank? AND will it even work properly?

Could it be connected with a single air line or would it perfomr better if there were and inlet an outlet to and from the secondary tank…

All answers an suggestions are greatly appreciated.

im not a professional or anything but yes it will give you more volume for longer honking but your compressor will be on for a longer period of time. If you do plan on doing this, i would add one more compressor depending on what you have already.

When i upgraded my horns to k5’s. I knew that my 3 gallon tank would not be enough for such a large horn. Also the ports were not large enough for the amount of air that needed to flow threw them and feed the horn. This may sound ghetto but it works and was FREE. I picked up a 15 gallon tank from a friend, which the compressor did not work. I dont remember exactly but i believe it a 3/4 fitting with 5/8 copper tubing(all FREE, thanks to my friend). I dont regret one thing on my setup cuz i scare everyone that i try to.

Basically what im sayin. Yes it will give you more volume for longer honking but will not push more air thru the lines.

I hope it makes sense


It would work fine just as long as the port, fittings, and air line you connect the tanks with are the same size of the output lines you intend to use for your horn. e.g. if you use a 1/2in port and air line for a horn, then you should make sure to use 1/2in ports and line to connect the two tanks, otherwise you will create a bottleneck that will cause low CFM through your output line.

On another note adding a second tank may give you more volume than your compressor can handle. Viair compressors from 280C to 480C, and Air Zenith OB1X compressors are only supposed to handle up to 5 gallons per pump at their maximum operating pressures.