Who thinks hornblasters tx should be unbanned. reply with banned or unbanned.


how bout u just make a poll

idk how to do that

banned hes an idiot and a tool

=o ^

+1 he’s a jerkoff and tried saying i had stolen the horns i got

Whats the difference? It says banned but he still posts. I could care less if he was or was not banned. I find humor behind his posts. Lies or Not.

Some stuff he says is true some is false. I like to read his posts and reply’s i think its stupid to ban someone that’s got the same interest as everyone else. There should be more freedom here.


I don’t think he should be banned. Lying is no reason to ban someone, plus the reason he got banned was for “advertising” another website which is bull… Not gonna get on my soapbox again, but if hornblasters bans people on their forum for sending links to other air management websites, they got problems…

Don’t ban him, he’s got Oasis compressors…lol

so he says… we are still waiting for pictures…

he has extra oasis compressors actually.