wal-mart security guard

So last night there was some event at wal-mart that has to do with the series “Twilight”. My friend had to go with his girlfriend to wal-mart against his will. Anyways, he was bored and convinced me to go up and blast the front door. This was at midnight btw. So we creep up and notice the security guard standing outside his car right behind us. -their were 3 other ppl in the car with me-, and we wait for the automatic doors to open so we can blast inside.
We got this lady to jump back like 5 feet and throw up her hands in a defensive stance. hahah!!
We went back at like 3am and saw the same security guard giving what looked like a ticket to a black guy and white female. We creeped up right next to them and blasted them. The security guard had a little 3 second seizure and the black guy jumped back. We sped off. Hahaha

Aww picking on the under paid security guard? Me too! My friend and I made a seven year career out of screwing with the same guy!

Yeah. It was so funny tho. He looked like a jerk too, or maybe I wouldn’t have done it. Wait…yeah I still would have done it hahaha.

haha sick… what horns u have the shockers?

Thats what pisses me off about them, they think they are cops, yet they have no more authority than you or I. At least in CA.


yupp I got the shocker 240’s