wanna buy train horns for my hubby...any help?

i’m trying to find a set of train horns for my hubby’s birthday. i bought him a set 2 yrs ago and had no idea what i was looking for. they turned out to be JUNK and lasted for like 2 months. i’m looking to spend $200-$300. any help? i was just looking at these horns…are they any good?

Go to hornblasters.com They have awesome horns. Priced low to high

Do you all already have a air tank and compressor and just need horns… or would you need the whole kit? If you are just looking to purchase horns and dont need a tank or compressor I would recommended this.


Thats what I have on my car and Love it. Bought it about 2 years ago and still going strong. It sounds great and is very loud.

and the horns have a 2 Year warranty!!!

i should have been clearer. i only need the horns. and i need ones that are for a semi. my hubby is a trucker.

The black horns from hornblasters. com will work on your husbands semi and he will love them.
i suggest calling hornblasters and talking to one of their great representatives. Ask for Garrett. He can help you and more then likely give you a great deal.
Hope this helps. And after your husbands receives his awesome horns come back and let us know how he likes them. And provide us with some pictures of it on his rig!

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Agreed! All his trucker buddys will be envious of him and will want to get rid of there little 2 tone chrome jobbers…

btw i wish i had a wife like this… haha

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Yeah, definately call and ask to speak with Garrett. He will make sure that you’re not only very happy, but will make you a repeat customer.


Find a K3LA on ebay.

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