want selenoid + g.w.

Ok I use a g.w. valve for my k3s but I also think it be cool to have a selenoid vavle too. I have 2 smc 1/2 valves 15mm oriface that are both brand new(I need to sell one of em). I believe there are three options on where to run air on my k3 the two on the side which are 3/8 (plse correct if wrong here) and 1/2 on top. My question is does it make any difference if i use 2 outta 3 ports. one for gw and one for selenoid??

Anyone know where to get 1/2 to 3/8 push connects?? no hornblasters doesnt have them

Are you referring to 1/2" DOT air brake tubing, push to lock connectors? I’d be really surprised if hornblasters doesn’t carry them or can’t get them for you.

We have them if they don’t.

I called today and im pretty sure garret said they couldnt get any so we cancelled the order. Yes DOT tubing. I will call you tomorrow.

I bought my excess airline and connections at NAPA auto parts.

I got the 3/8 to half npt puchconnect cost me 18 dollars to get it to me…ouch

Wow, thats terrible.

that’s because we use UPS, next time ask about the mail. it’s cheaper but we can’t track it or insure it without costing about the same.

I called five places looking for this one fitting guys and oasis was the only place that had them. That being said im more than happy to pay what I payed and 1500 miles is a long way to have something shipped so its cool.
I was NOT bashing oasis i didnt even mention yall. Thanks for taking care of me.

You’re welcome!

Now that I know how hard it was to find, I’m really glad I could help.

18wheeler truck part shops have them… there kinda expensive… a 5/8" elbow brass elbow costed me 8dollars last week

i use one output…for both my gw353 valve and 1/2 electric solenoid…

u use a T FITTING from your output tank and one side goes to your manual valve and the other goes your electric valve…and then u use another T FITTING AT THE OTHER T WITH 2 1/2 BALL VALVES…so basically your air dosent go back up the other line into your manual/ electric valve…and then the end of the T FITTING goes to the port of your horns…

a lot simpler way would be to use a check valve… that way you wouldnt have to turn on the ballvalve to use the manual valve

i was thinkging of using one of those but this was a quick setup…before i deployed…do they make 1/2 check valves…

check valves come in any size…

sweet who is the best to order them from…?

hornblasters of course

sweet…how much psi does a check valve hold back…