Want to go all out with 2 installs but help please.

Hey. I joined your forum a few months back and have perused your site a few times but I think its high time to seal the deal.

Here is the scenario. I have a full set of 5 chime Nathans on the original manifold. I also have 2 other bells that came from a Nathan 5 chime. these are single and loose.

I want to buy whatever I need to get the chimes going. So…

I want to get the 2 bells up and going into an Altima. I’d like to do that first. Once I do that and get it right, I want to get that 5 chime up and going on the SUV, a Honda Pilot.

So what do I need to buy to get it going on the Altima? What specifically do I need to buy? I have some trunk room that I can sacrifice, whereas on the Pilot, its the family car and I really have to fit everything on the outside of the car, on the chassis.

I have not seen anyone affix a horn to the HOnda Pilot so I am really lost on ideas.

PLease let me know. I will likely also post on the forum but I think direct through you is easiest.


This will save you a ton of room on your installhttp://www.mrenergyleds.com/store.php/products/nathan-airchime-custom-mounting-brackets
Also you’ll need tanks and compressors for the 2 cars. Call up HornBlasters they’ll hook you up!

Getting them delivered today. Incidentally, I just had to replace a pair of window motors on the Altima. Given the knowledge I gained with respect to the innards of the car and how easy it was to access, the install should go smoothly!

I will likely post as questions come. Gonna first wire the Altima and throw the 5 chime in there. Once I get it working, I will most likely replace the 5 chime with the 2 horns and take it from there!


Its been a crazy week but I am trying to diagram out a plan of action for the installation.

Im quite new to this so the first thing I am doing is identifying what each piece is and where it goes.

One question. I saw an install on a Civic where the user put a 5 chime Nathan in his TRUCK, facing downward but seemingly inside the trunk. Don’t you have to drill holes into the bottom or something? I mean to completely enclose it in the trunk doesnt seem right, does it?


When placing a true locomotive horn (Nathan Airchime) in a vehicle, usually the only option is to cut the floor of your trunk, and face it down.
Here is a link to the instruction manual on our Nathan K5:

Diesel what 2 bells are you using? Usually just using 2 bells is not going to sound very good. At a minimum your going to need 3 to get a good sound. 1,2,3 Or 1,2,4 bells.

To install all 5 bells and then take them off is a ton of work too just take it back off. These bells are very large and you need to be very creative to fit them. Plan ahead.

well I have a full nathan set of 5 on the original manifold as well as a #1 and #3 or 4 bell.

I may install the 5 chime w/ the manifold in the truck of the Altima. I think it would be easiest that way.

Once I do the install on the Altima, I can take my time and get creative with putting 2-3 bells on the Honda Pilot.

I have the 540 diagram but will likely create my own schematic and show here for approval b/c I am using a manual valve.

But before I do any of this, gotta put in a kitchen floor and staircase. You know, making wifey happy first will allow for a lot of man-time to do this.:slight_smile:

Question as I go through this process(and am in between the floor remodlI am doing and stair baluster install)

if I go with using the individual bells off the manifold, what fittings would I use to connect them directly into the bell?

4.3 already told you what you can use

I’m still trying to get necessary parts. Send an email to Curt S and train horn doc, no responses.

Does anyone have contact info for them please? Perhaps I am using old addresses?


Being realistic, I am most likely going to have to ditch the manifold that the 5 chime came with and use another manifold. Some of you directed me to a Curt S, is he still around? I’ve send messages to no avail.

Also, any updated contact info for train horn doc?

Curt now sells everything through another vendor who I will not mention…
…but they’re on ebay.
search nathan brackets