Wanted: Canadian BC Rail K5L/K5H horn

Hi group I’m new here, and I’m hoping to find a sand cast or cast original Canadian BC Rail K5L/K5H horn. If anyone has one they’d consider selling please let me know. Thanks

Welcome to the forum. Have you tried contacting Hornblasters? You might want to try browsing online or ask the guys at the hornwhistleboard forum.

I’m really trying to get away from paying retail… See I’m a collector, I don’t plan on putting it on my vehicles… I just figured maybe a guy has what I’m looking for and is in need of a little extra cash so we can make a deal together.

Ohh a sand cast. Yah I don’t think your going to find one here.

I second trying H&W forum…if you haven’t all ready…

I have a k5l forsale used but in good condition. Id like to get 650 or best offer. not sure how to put a picture on here so if you email me I can send you one that way. My email is hmmwv152@yahoo.com